Contribution to Safety and Comfort of Railways with our Total Engineering Capability and Know-How

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Message from the President

We will contribute to the safety and advancement of railways and the development of society with our comprehensive engineering capabilities.

Thank you very much for visiting the website of the NIPPON STEEL RAILWAY TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. (NSRT).
The company started its operation in 1984, and it was reorganized and re-established as NSRT in April 2015.
Since its re-establishment, we have delivered our products and services to a number of customers thanks to the synergy effect of integration of the comprehensive railway engineering business, which integrates relevant technologies with the background of technologies related to railway car products that we had accumulated for a long period of time, and the plant business, which had engaged in the development, design and manufacturing of facilities and equipment in a wide range of industrial fields, such as steel, railways, automobiles, power generation, construction, and environment.

NSRT is a group company of NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, which started the history of railway car products in the beginning of the twenty century and it has met various needs required for railways, such as safety, speed, and comfort by leveraging the cutting-edge technologies of the time. The outcomes have led to the realization of various railways including Shinkansen trains, which are boasted to the world, solidifying a reputation as NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, which supports railway systems.

Nowadays, upon strong demand by society to ensure railway safety, various needs related to technologies for maintenance are increasing. We will focus our efforts to offer new products and services that can meet such emerging needs of customers, in addition to the advancement of existing products and technologies. Looking at overseas markets, the development and introduction of new railway networks are planned one after another, from various perspectives such as the development of social infrastructure, elimination of traffic jams, and measures concerning energy saving and environment, due to the development of countries and cities. Furthermore, we will provide Japan’s superior technologies to such overseas customers through our products and services.
Under such circumstances, we set out our policy for the future: to develop new railway equipment and solution business, including sales of railway testing solutions such as analysis, evaluation and investigation, to provide services using IoT on top of the NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION’s know-how of manufacturing wheels and axles and bogies, and to conduct strategic sales activities, such as the selection and planning of items targeting domestic users, having the manufacturing division and the sales division work together in order to maintain and increase the size of the business of selling railway equipment. As for the needs for inspection and maintenance, we will analyze the market environment and strengthen the stimulation of demands as further demands can be expected after the sales of the railway equipment. As our other business activities, we will steadily carry out the medium-term action plan, including stimulating railway companies which have not installed any friction modifier applicators to demand such applicators and expanding sales of railway cars specialized for NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION.

We at NSRT will contribute to safe and secure railway transportation by providing an integrated railway solution ranging from railway car products to equipment and service for railway maintenance working with NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, and we will also, as a member of the NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION Group, value the importance of trust and confidence, comply with rules, and encourage each other to realize further growth as a professional team that can be trusted, aiming to be the best comprehensive railway engineering company for our customers.

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