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Railway Machinery & Plants

Various car inspection and maintenance machineries with
high performance and high efficiency which practical results ensured

We have various, high performance and efficient machineries for car maintenance ensured by abundant experiences and practical results of design, manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of wheelsets, bogies and parts.

We can provide machineries accurately satisfying the customer’s needs from coherent system of in-house design, manufacturing, construction and quick maintenance service.

Inspection and maintenance machineries for wheelset and bogie truck

We can propose the suitable layout design and specifications of facilities, utilizing our abundant know-how and process flow computer simulation, in the case of new maintenance line construction and renewal.

  • Wheel mounting / dismounting equipment
  • Gear unit rotating tester
  • Gear unit thrust gap measuring equipment
  • Assembling equipment of rubber damper for coupler
  • Air spring mounting / dismounting press

Car performance evaluation equipment

We provide various evaluation equipment about safety, environment, energy saving etc. of railway.

  • Bogie running test equipment
  • Wheel-rail high-speed rolling contact fatigue test equipment
  • Snow-removing load measuring equipment

Consistent production system

  • Design department
  • Machinery assembly plant



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