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Railway Testing & Evaluation

Function testing and evaluation of railway cars,parts and tracks

It is possible to realize the safe and comfortable running, only when all components of car perform the functions required.

We confirm the safety and performance of not only each component but also whole car by measuring, analyzing and evaluating the condition and fluctuation of actual car and components. We have established the latest technologies in the measuring field of stress, deformation, noise, vibration and so on which occur in actual running.

We open up the future of railway by combing the know-how cultivated in our long history with the latest technologies and equipment.

Evaluation bench test

Measure and evaluate various performances of railway bogies and parts by various test equipment.

  • Bogie running test
  • Gear unit rotating test
  • Real structure fatigue test
  • Static load test
  • Static / Dynamic load test
  • Brake function test

Testing & evaluation of actual railway cars

Evaluate running safety, ride quality, bogie strength etc. by measuring condition and movement of actual car, with various sensors installed on the bogies and on board of the car.

  • Actual car evaluation test
    (Example of measuring apparatus)
  • Actual car evaluation test
    (Installation example of sensors)
  • Production of measuring wheelset of wheel-rail contact force (L / V) for actual car test

Evaluation test from track side

Measure and evaluate running safety, vibration, noise etc. from track side.

  • Measurement from track side
  • L / V measurement on rail
  • Data analysis example
    (Data analysis chart)



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