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Track Maintenance

Track maintenance to realize safe and comfortable running

Precise maintenance of car and track becomes more indispensable for security of safety and comfort, as speedup and high-frequency services are advanced. Rail shelling and corrugation cause noise and vibration of railway. We perform precise rail grinding operations to remove shelling and corrugation etc. using rail grinding cars of ourselves.

And also we can supply the latest rail grinding car to Japanese customer in accordance with Japanese domestic operation and customer’s request.

Rail grinding car / Rail grinding operations

Harsco Rail is a major international supplier of track maintenance vehicles in North America. We can provide various maintenance vehicles of Harsco other than rail grinding car in Japan.

  • State of rail surface
    [before grinding]
  • State of rail surface
    [after grinding]
  • 20 stone grinder (We have 10 stone grinder with operator cab on both sides, too.)
  • Measurement result of rail corrugation

NCIS(Non-Contact Induction Switch System)

NCIS makes it possible that the track maintenance car operator changes the state of insulation-short circuit of insulation wheels in one-touch from operator cab, which is indispensable for night track maintenance. It has high reliability without abrasion due to non-contact system.



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